Amazing Ways to Explore in Abel Tasman

Planning on a trip to Abel Tasman National Park? Some of the most amazing marine wildlife, stretches of glorious beaches, abundance of lush native forest, the choices are spoilt and how you explore this destination is completely up to you. To help you on your adventure, we assembled a list to make planning a visit that much simpler.

Abel Tasman National Park certainly is a sought after destination to visit, boasting a dynamic amount of water activities including snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and has its fair share of coastal activities, with kayaking, cruises and scuba diving. Furthermore, if you prefer it from a different angle, skydiving or hang gliding may be your cup of tea. Whatever the case, you can make your own adventure in Abel Tasman.

1. Scenic Flight

Indulge in a scenic flight with a bird’s eye view and see the beauty of the Abel Tasman National Park, fly along the coast of Golden Bay all the way up to the Archway Islands and back to experience the golden beaches including world famous Kaiteriteri Beach. If you are a fan of ‘Lord of the Rings’, why not take a helicopter tour and soak in the views of Canann Downs where you’ll find ancient beech trees, rolling hills and large rock formations. You can easily see why director Sir Peter Jackson chose this incredible location as a backdrop to his trilogies.

2. The Abel Tasman Coast Track

One of New Zealand’s Great Walks, the coast track is made up of sixty kilometers along the coastline and is a perfect way to explore the unmatched beauty of golden sandy beaches. The entire length can be trekked within 5 days for most with campsites available all along the stretch; however, there are other accommodation options if camping isn’t your thing. The track can cater for people of all ages, if you love trekking but don’t have the stamina for the full length you’ll be glad to know that the track is easily accessed by boats so shuttles and water taxis are easily booked if the one day is enough for you.

3. Kayaking close to wildlife

If you’re after a more relaxed activity, there is no better way than to kayak along the magnificent coastline at your own pace. There are plenty of opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy life, reflect on the surroundings and bring back some tranquillity when kayaking in the water. If you are feeling adventurous, hire a kayak and have a self-guided tour, if you feel more comfortable in a group perhaps a guided multi-day tour is for you. The possibility of close encounters with marine wildlife is almost a certainty near the Tonga Island Marine Reserve.

4. Try Scuba Diving

There is something to experience about scuba diving, entering a different world under water in the heart of Tonga Island Marine Reserve. The reserve is a protected area for marine wildlife which means you’ll get to experience them thriving in the region. There is an abundance of crayfish hidden in reefs, eels and fish to see such as blue cod, moki and snapper.

5. Skydive Over Abel Tasman

For those who are chasing a bit of adrenaline, the rewarding views of the Abel Tasman National Park from 20,000ft is simply breath taking. The magnitude of what Abel Tasman has to offer can be summed up in a single skydive traveling 120mph freefall followed by extraordinary peace at 5,000 feet a gentle drift via parachute to the drop zone. Abel Tasman Skydive offers heart dropping experiences starting at $279 and is an experience guaranteed to be memorable.